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October 26, 2015
Lynn Palm

Building a Partnership with your Horse
Western Dressage: Understanding Basic Level Tests 1 & 2
By Lynn Palm
Knowledge is power. It’s always in your best interests to fully understand the dressage tests before you compete...

September 22, 2015
Lynn Palm

You’ve probably already figured out that you can do the same dressage maneuvers in a Western saddle that you can do in a “regular” dressage saddle. This reminds me of our Western Dressage motto, "Why Not?!" I’ve been saying that since I learned of the vast interests in...

June 21, 2015
Lynn Palm

Western Dressage Offers Benefits for Show Horses of all Breeds

Western Dressage can benefit any Western horse, no matter...

May 16, 2015
Lynn Palm

It is only natural for a rider to feel fear at some point in her riding years. Usually that fear is based on the concern for being out of control of the horse and coming out of the saddle. If this has ever been an issue for you while pursuing Western Dressage, or at any time...

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March 19, 2015
Lynn Palm

There are so many training "methods" out there today, it sure can confuse most riders. My advice to you is to "put your common sense cap on." Western Dressage is new and many clinicians are all about the subject so they can keep their business alive, or use it as way to bring...

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February 23, 2015
Lynn Palm

“I really want to show, but I just get so nervous and insecure when I’m the only one in the ring performing with my horse. How can I overcome this?”

This is a great subject and something I hear often from riders, so I feel it deserves to be addressed in an article....

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January 20, 2015
Lynn Palm

Now that you’ve gotten into Western Dressage, you’re eager to do well. But what are the best ways to improve your horse at his current level and move on to advance to the next level?

As you ride each day, make a plan before you get in the saddle. You are teaching your...

December 17, 2014
Lynn Palm

One of the best things about dressage is that it builds upon itself and every step is based upon a training pyramid. When you understand all the “building blocks” in this pyramid, you increase your ability to achieve your goals.

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November 18, 2014
Lynn Palm

When it comes to practicing your dressage test, you can use a “call person” or memorize the test. The choice is yours. The length of a dressage test can be very intimidating to remember, but I think it is always better to memorize the test.

dressage, lynn palm, western dressage
September 16, 2014
Lynn Palm

So, you and your horse have been training in anticipation of entering your first Western Dressage show. But how do you know when you’re actually ready to compete?

This is a question of confidence. Your instructor or coach should be realistic and give you...

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