Animal Communication with Ann Marie Hoff of Rosezella’s Way

February 15, 2010
Ann Marie Hoff with horse
Ann Marie Hoff of Rosezella's Way

“I am meant to be an animal psychic,” for many years, this message flashed through the head of Ann Marie Hoff, who is now the owner and operator of Rosezella’s Way. Through Rosezella’s Way, Ann helps animals and people resolve issues regarding communication, behavior, and medical treatment.

As a child, Ann grew up on a farm and has always felt a strong connection to animals. She took a class to be a medium. “I was the best medium there and I didn’t even know I could do it.” Ann mentions that she had 36 animals “come through to her” while she was experimenting with her new-found intuition.

Ann describes what she does as channeling. She feels the vibration from the animal, which is always around us. Different animals communicate in different ways, and she’s found that animals that are around humans more will have developed more communicable language. For example, older horses are more likely to send Ann a lot of words and opinions. While on the other hand, younger horses convey pictures and what they are feeling.

Ann does a lot of work with sick and dying animals. She is able to help these animals by feeling what they are feeling, and understanding what it is the animal wants. For example, Ann tells a story of suddenly feeling ill, “I all of a sudden felt like I was going to throw up, my bones hurt.” Minutes later the phone rang, it was a client Ann had worked with two years ago. Ann suggested setting up an appointment for Tuesday to which the client replied that would be too late. Her puppy had Parvovirus and wouldn’t make it that long. Ann instantly knew that she had been channeling that puppies pain as soon as the owner thought to call her. Ann says, “This probably isn’t the healthiest way to do my job, but I don’t know any other way.”

Ann recognizes that what she does isn’t some sort of scientific study. “But if it works, it works,” she says. Ann has found that about 40 percent of behavior issues come from some sort of spiritual energy, i.e., spirits. Which, she acknowledges, she was hesitant to tell people about when she first started. She talks about a Papillion who wouldn’t stop peeing in the house. Ann found that the spirit of the dog’s owner’s husband was tormenting the dog, who was just trying to protect its owner by urinating around a chair.

Ann’s services through Rosezella’s Way on include finding your lost pet, finding out what your pet thinks of you, picking a horse trainer that fit’s your horse’s needs, and much more. To schedule a session call 530-343-9994 x23 or email:

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