Dr. Juliet Getty’s Equine Nutrition Services

June 6, 2010
Dr. Juliet Getty’s Equine Nutrition Services

Feed your horse the way nature intended? Is that possible in this day of limited pasturage and the ubiquitous boarding barn? “Absolutely,” says Dr. Juliet Getty, the renowned Ph.D. equine nutrition consultant, author and speaker. “The best way to care for our equines is to honor how they’re made.” And Dr. Getty offers many ways to help you do exactly that.

Over the course of a long lifetime, a horse goes through many phases, from the rapid growth of the early years, through performance, maybe breeding, and on to old age, and every phase has its own nutritional requirements. Add in a range of potential diseases and conditions, and you wind up with a pretty complex situation, speaking nutritionally. But it’s not an impossible task to feed your horse properly—it just takes knowledge.

In more than 20 years of advising horse owners on diet and nutrition, Dr. Getty has encountered just about everything that can challenge a horse’s health, from laminitis to ulcers, performance demands to weight control. Her expertise has helped countless horse owners and managers to provide the nutritional requirements horses need to live (or resume) long, vibrant, and energetic lives. In every situation, Dr. Getty starts with the foundational truth: “Always think first about the way the horse’s system is designed to function, and feed him accordingly.”

Now, Dr. Getty is reaching out to a wider audience. Her web-based services include a free monthly newsletter, “Forage for Thought,” educational articles, timely tips, a retail store, and even a forum for questions and answers. She is a popular speaker, appearing at Western States Horse Expo (Sacramento, CA) June 11-13 and at numerous other venues over the next months. Her private consultations are targeted to the specific needs of each horse, and her articles—published internationally—educate a large readership. On top of all that, Dr. Getty wants to empower horse owners with knowledge they can find on their own bookshelf—her comprehensive book, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse, was published this past winter and already is the go-to resource many horse owners rely on.

Explore Dr. Getty’s rich website at Sign up there for her newsletter, submit a question to her forum, or shop in her store. After Western States, Dr. Getty will next be featured in a tele-workshop hosted by horseman and Benji-trainer, Joe Camp, on July 17; visit to register—all participants receive a coupon good for $10 off on Feed Your Horse Like A Horse if purchased directly from Dr. Getty. The book is available from or through the website; through July 4, buy it directly for the same price as Amazon (plus shipping), or buy it full price and pay in three easy installments of $25 each. Dr. Getty signs and inscribes all books sold directly.

There’s every reason to promote your horse’s optimal health and well-being—just feed him like a horse, with a little insider information from Dr. Juliet Getty.