NEW Julie Goodnight Training DVD

November 11, 2010
Julie Goodnight
Julie Goodnight

Troubleshooting Behavior Issues: Master common equine vices and teach your horse to be a respectful citizen with these episodes of Horse Master compiled just for you!

This is the DVD from Julie Goodnight you've been waiting for! You'll find help for horses who bite, won't accept medicine, pull to the gate, are cinchy or refuse to be caught.

Whether your horse refuses to be caught and haltered, tosses his head while you ride, kicks and bites when you place the saddle, constantly stops at the gate, or in general has a bad attitude, these worst-case scenario episodes of Horse Master with Julie Goodnight will help you see how to handle most any troublesome behavior. Watch the episodes you loved on TV--all based on one training theme! You'll have step by step directions from Julie and over 90 minutes of instruction! Join Goodnight as she works with horse owners just like you!