Next Day Jumps

March 25, 2013
Next Day Jumps

Dan Swofford owns and operates Next Day Jumps, a company that manufactures and ships equestrian jumps on demand. 1985, I found that most jumps available were over-priced or of poor quality. I started building my own just for personal use and for friends. After I had built a couple different models, I took some of my jumps to the Sonoma County Fair and was approached by riders who saw them on display. They were pleased with the quality and cost. This led to creating West Coast Jumps which flourished due to my customers’ interest and continued demand. I owned and ran West Coast Jumps until last year.
Over the last 16 years, I’ve built courses for show and training, transported jumps across the state and carried them around more arenas than I can count and jumped them from the back of everything from pre-green hunters to Grand Prix mounts. Whenever I found a weakness in a jump design--no matter how small--I went back to the drawing board and revised the blueprints, changing and improving design. I wanted to fi nd a way to distribute these jumps to equestrians all over the county without the huge cost of shipping, so in April of 2004, I launched Next Day Jumps, which ships easy-to assemble jumps to you. Manufacture and distribution of our jumps continues to improve. I decided there was some room for improvement and did some research.

We have personally designed and tested every jump we sell. The appearance of our jumps is classic, designed with a eye to the roots of the sport. The Picket Gates look as fresh as a New England morning. The Brush Box stuffed with evergreen boughs would be at home in an Irish field. Our classic Wing Standards would grace the Grand Prix courses at Wembley. Riding horses is about style, grace and harmony and our jumps are lovingly built to complement your arena or show. We are also proud to introduce the elite Duralon Classic group of horse jumps. What are the benefit ts of unassembled versus pre-assembled parts?We are able to precision-cut our jumps and ship them in a less unwieldy form, which cuts down considerably on cost. We’re able to pass those savings on to our customers who Bet on the 2013 grand national. All Next Day Jumps are shipped, unassembled in boxes.