Research Shows Value of Blue-Green Algae for Horses

June 6, 2011
Research Shows Value of Blue-Green Algae for Horses
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Professional farriers study extreme case

Research Shows Value of
Blue-Green Algae for Horses

Even with a 30-year background in the management of horses’ feet, Master Farrier Ernie Frye was overwhelmingly impressed with how one nutritional product as simple as blue-green algae could impact the health of the horse’s foot.

Wayne Blevins, owner of E3Live For Horses, a blue-green algae product, said that Ernie Frye wrote him about a horse that had been plagued with a chronic and significant crack for years and year, rendering the horse lame and unusable. “I sent Ernie a supply of E3AFA, which is a powdered form of the blue-green algae. When I saw the photo of this horse’s hoof, I knew it was really serious. We’ve had incredible success with cracks over the years, but this was one of the worst cases I’ve seen — and I was a farrier for 35 years.”

Unlike many professions where research is done in a laboratory, farriers typically do their research and trials in the field on live horses. Wayne and Ernie decided to feed the horse, whose name is ‘Streak,’ a heavy dose of E3AFA for an initial period, and not do any kind of farrier work on the animal, including no trimming, until they saw any kind of positive result from the blue-green algae.

“Ernie’s camera puts a date stamp on all photos,” states Wayne, “so we could track any changes. We were more than pleased with the solid hoof growth from the coronary band within six weeks — and this is after years and years of this poor horse not growing any healthy foot because of that crack and being completely lame because of it.”

After 16 weeks of Streak being fed E3AFA, his foot continued to grow healthy material, allowing the farrier to help the animal with trimming and corrective shoeing. “There’s no doubt that this horse would have been put down if the E3AFA didn’t completely turn around the health of this hoof,” reflects Wayne. “And the really extraordinary thing about this product is that it affects all aspects of the horse’s health, including their mind, performance and attitude. I believe people are becoming more astute about how nutrition affects everything in a person’s life, from physical health to mental well-being. The same is true of horses. By providing horses with a complete nutritional source as inclusive as E3AFA for horses, we give them every opportunity to achieve and maintain optimal health.”

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