Sarah Martin Dressage Instruction

August 24, 2010
Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin
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Feel can be developed! This series shows you a step-by-step process to develop feel of the horse in your body.
Disc 1 - What every successful dressage rider must know about their horse.
Disc 2 - Quiz: What influences your horses jaw? Elbow, wrist, triceps-answers to this question and much, much more!
Disc 3 - From the saddle learn... What is "too much, not quite enough or just right?"
Disc 4 - Rarely taught exercises-Connecting your seat to the horse's movement & developing your ability to feel.

Sarah Martin is a USDF Gold Medalist and Certified Instructor. She teaches with her husband, Clayton, from their training center in Blanca, Colorado. Sarah teaches and trains riders and their horses from starting under saddle to Grand Prix. Her passion is in developing riders and seeing "the lights go on" when a concept is understood. With 30 years of dressage training to share, Sarah's approach is clear and methodical and will help every level of rider to add another dimension to their training scale.

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4-Disc set US$249.99