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{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} The Way of Horses Eleanor Blazer Encourage your child to join a gang--it can lead to success! Youth join gangs to achieve a sense of community, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} A Horse, Of Course don blazer Not all horse trainers are good, and not all are bad. But all get blamed at one time or another for something they have no control over – the horse which simply can’t win in the show ring Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} fun Building Confidence in the Saddle ~ Part One J. L. Hardesty Comfort and confidence rely on balance . . . and balance relies largely on core strength. In this series focusing on RIDER confidence, we’ll cover a number of ways to develop this Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Jim Confidence in the Saddle . . . How’s yours? J. L. Hardesty Confidence is the belief that we can accomplish or handle a given task or enterprise. A confident rider is a comfortable rider. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Jim Birth of the Balance Rider Part 2 J. L. Hardesty Before summer arrived, in that year when my anticipation of it was marred by fear, Jim presented me with a gift that soon found its way to the top of my best-ever list. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don with Sox A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer If you want to be rich and you want to be happy, then you must do what you love. Simple as that! “No it isn’t,” you say… You’ve got a job and a husband and kids, or a wife and kids, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Socks bandaged The Way of Horses Eleanor Blazer Horse owners joke about wrapping horses in “bubble-wrap” to protect them from injury. Unfortunately we can’t, so we have to deal with the resulting wounds when our beloved steeds do damage Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Balance Rider Birth of the Balance Rider J. L. Hardesty It all started one day in early spring, when the snow was softening from icy white to the pearlescent color that hints at winter’s end. Here in the Rocky Mountains, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Man 'O War A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer Only under very special circumstances or in a fit of sentimental foolishness would a man refuse to put a price on a horse. Samuel D. Riddle might have been guided by both. He had a colt he Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don on Sheza A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer ummer may mean vacation for us, but it usually means work time for horses. With the kids out of school, and longer days, there’s more time to ride. And ride we do. In far too many cases, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Pat Parelli Western States Horse Expo: Get Ready to Rumble! No, that’s not a California earthquake. It’s the rumbling of thousands of horse enthusiasts as they come through the gates at Western States Horse Expo, June 10-12, 2016 at Cal Expo. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Eleanor Blazer and My Kustom Kruzer The Way of Horses They are the Special Forces within your horse’s body. They neutralize insurgents before damage can be done. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don on Sheza A Horse, Of Course Don Blazer elevision commercials show the world what the horse does best. “Here comes the king, here comes the big number one.” And here come the Budweiser Clysdesdales, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Nicholas Barthelemy and All The Boon circle Cactus Reining Classic, 2016 Christy Egan If there was an annual award for Perfect NRHA Show of the Year, the 2016 Cactus Reining Classic would seriously have to be in the running. You know what they say about “Location …”. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Don on Sheza Sour Horses Don Blazer There are a lot of mean, nasty, sour horses in this world. They run away, balk, bit, kick, rear, strike and refuse to work. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Eleanor Blazer and My Kustom Kruzer Deadly Feed Additives Eleanor Blazer "Tainted Feed Kills Horses" are headlines that appear too frequently. Is your horse at risk? Yes, if you purchase feed from manufacturers that use a drug called an ionophore. Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Lynn Palm Building a Partnership with your Horse “Staying in Control” Lynn Palm Riders frequently ask how to stay in control in new situations. In fact, the most common question I am asked at clinics and featured appearances relates to training and riding outside of the Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Mariah & Jess in the parade The Super Horse Charles Wilhelm A super horse is simply a horse that is versatile; it is a horse that can perform well in many areas. A super horse works well in the arena, goes safely out on the trail, Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Al Dunning and Expensive Hobby Vita Flex Victory Team Rider Al Dunning Al Dunning and his late mount Expensive Hobby were inducted into the Arizona Quarter Horse Association (AzQHA)’s Hall of Fame on February 20 for their individual and collective accomplishmen Read More
{node-type}Editorial{/node-type} Carol Cohen presents Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer with the Global Dressage Visionar Carol Cohen Shines Spotlight on Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer Carol Cohen Carol Cohen Shines the Spotlight on Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer and Leadline Champions During Friday Night Freestyle Read More
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