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Equitopia Presenter Dr. Joanna Robson
Equitopia Presenter Dr. Joanna Robson

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The innovative equine education center Equitopia welcomes riders, owners and breeders of all disciplines to an in-depth look at the care and welfare of the horse and rider.

The learning center, at home on Fairwind Farm’s 40 acre riding and training facility 2525 Cordelia, Fairfield, CA, serves as a gathering place for respected professionals, experts and service providers in their fields of equine health and welfare to provide participants with a path to whole horse and rider wellness and training.

The Equitopia open house will feature:

Introduction to Centered Riding with Carla Bauchmuller
Carla attended the University of Muenster, Germany where she earned a degree in economics. She trained at the FS-Equestrian Center in Reken, Germany, an innovative center for leisure riders. And alter received accreditation accredited by the German National Federation for horse riding, achieving its highest level. She is a level 3 Centered Riding Instructor, licensed by Sally Swift since 1994. As a means to better understand balance, she studied yoga and became an instructor, improving her ability to train riders and use exercise effectively.

Simple Steps to a Better Balanced Diet with Dr. Clair Thunes
As an equine nutritionist Dr. Thunes has worked with a wide range of horses from lactating mares to competitive driving horses, and with a variety of physiological problems including insulin resistance and muscle myopathies. Dr Thunes believes in finding the right balance not only in the horse’s diet but also between the horse’s needs and the client’s resources. Dr. Thunes education includes PhD Nutrition, University of California, Davis; MS Animal Science, University of California, Davis; BSc. Hons. Animal Science, Edinburgh University.

Saddle Fitting with Karen Loshbaugh, CSF
Karen Loshbaugh has been involved with horses for 40 years, competing in Western, hunter/jumper and currently dressage. She is a Certified Saddle Ergonimist, specifically trained in how saddle fit effects the movement and position of horse and rider. She is also a Classical Foundation Trainer. Classical Foundation Training is a systematic gymnastic process that is applicable to all disciplines - the basic principle is how to train the horse to engage the back and connect over the topline.

Whys/Hows of Integrative Medicine with Dr. Joanna Robson, DVM, CVSMT, CMP, CVA, CSFT, CIT
Dr. Joanna Robson is the owner of Inspiritus Equine, Inc. and the founder of Integrated Soundness Solutions™ - a philosophy and practice of combining the best methods from Eastern and Western veterinary medicine, with top equine professionals working together, for the best diagnostic and healing approach for the patient. Dr. Robson has published a book and DVD – Recognizing the Horse in Pain and What You Can Do About It, and is a sought-after lecturer. She has spoken nationally and internationally at events such as the Equine Affaire™ and Equitana™ Germany and Asia-Pacific, Rolex Kentucky, and the 2010 World Equestrian Games

Diseases of the Lower Limbs and How to Address Them with Shoeing and Trimming with Michael DeLeonardo, CJF, APF, RJF
Mike DeLeonardo specializes in lower limb lameness. A past president of the American Farrier's Association, past president of the Farrier Industry Association, and past president of the Western States Association, Michael was inducted into the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame in 2008, and was chosen as a of the farrier for the 2010 Equestrian World Games. He is an A.F.A. approved tester, and currently sits on the editorial advisory board of the American Farriers Journal.

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