Now Playing: Jane Savoie - Use of the Reins with Dressage

RideTV this week features Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Recap
Jane Savoie
Jane Savoie offers two simple upper body exercises to improve the dressage rider's position.
Western States Horse Expo
Come join us for a tour of the Western States Horse Expo, which is held each summer during the second weekend in June. Make plans to visit next' years Expo, and catch all your favorite clini
Richard Winters Car Wash Obstacle
Richard Winters' Training Video Series: The Car Wash Obstacle. Taught in Hawaii.
Travel N Corrals
Glen Van Buskirk of Travel N Corrals tells about his sturdy, portable corrals, which are made from one-inch, galvanized, round, steel tubing.
Barns by Harrah
The friendly staff at Barns by Harrahs is ready to show you how to provide safe and affordable housing for your horses--from a simple pasture shelter to an elegant dual-aisle commercial faci
Cherry Hill
Cherry Hill was an instructor, trainer, and horse show judge for over 25 years and is an award-winning author. She's written over 30 books and videos on horse care and training.
Richard Winters
Get out of the arena and take a ride in the real world. Richard offers strategies for helping your horse stay focused when you encounter obstacles on the trail.
RideTV this week features Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games wins and losses
Draft Horse Classic: Barrel Racing
Barrel Racing Draft Horse Style. See Mules, Draft Horses and a Fresian Barrel Race.

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