Horse DVDs

Namesort icon Description List price Our Price
Training in Equus Training in Equus: Medicating and Deworming the Difficult Horse Learn to change your horse's attitude about taking medications from absolute refusal to willing acceptance - and even pursuit. $24.95 $12.00
Training the Dressage Horse from Grass Roots to Grand Prix, with Christoph Hess A set of two DVDs working with horses at all levels. $29.97 $24.97
Training the Whole Horse Training the Whole Horse Training the Whole Horse with Missy Wryn $34.95 $29.95
Visits with Tom Visits with Tom: Learning to Ride with Feel, Timing and Balance The contents of this DVD present the work of Tom Dorrance, an extraordinary gifted horseman. $60.00 $59.95
Voice Training, the Forgotten Aid with Tanya Larrigan Former Olympic rider, Tanya shows how to communicate with the voicwe; an invaluable training aid. $29.97 $24.97